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Door cylinders

Door cylinders

Each owner worries about the level of security of their houses, trying to use different methods to secure the door from burglars. The main protection is the locks, which must be installed in the front door. Today we’ll have closer look at the cylinder mortise locks.

The main part of such locking mechanism is a cylinder. Cylinder mechanism is equipped with pins, which are located in the code channels, and return springs, with the help of which the pins are locked. Usually the cylinder locks are equipped with keys (three or five pieces). Also, a distinctive feature of cylinder locking mechanisms is the ease of replacing the mechanism if needed: for this, it is necessary to replace only the cylinder itself, not the whole lock.

There are several main types of cylinder mechanism:

  • «Key-key» option – the door can be opened or closed only with key;
  • «Key-thumb-turn» option – the door can be closed with a thumb-turn (rotary knob) from the inside and opened or closed with keys from the outside.

When choosing a specific model of the cylinder mechanism, it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

  • The quality of the material: reliable and durable cylinder locks are made of brass, steel or metal alloys, products can also be additionally treated with electroplating to increase the degree of resistance of cylinders to corrosion and wear;
  • Number of combinations: for reliable cylinder mechanisms, the number of combinations is not less than 40 thousand.

Reliable cylinder mechanisms, characterized by long service life without the need for repair or replacement, are manufactured by the following well-known companies: Armadillo, Cisa, Fuaro, Kale Kilit, Mottura, Punto. These brands are considered to be true industry leaders, as they have repeatedly confirmed the high quality of their products. Products of these companies are regularly tested for compliance with standards, and also have certificates.


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