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3D concealed invisible door hinge

3D concealed invisible door hinge

3D concealed invisible door hinge: Usage and installation

An important and irreplaceable part of any door (entrance and interior) are the hinges that are responsible for fastening the door leaf in the frame and for its smooth and uninterrupted operation. It is not worth saving on door hinges, because low-quality hardware can make your life in the house uncomfortable: a creak will appear when you open or close the door, and the door leaf itself on hinges from cheap materials can sink, then you will need an urgent replacement of door accessories.

The range of door hinges in hardware stores is striking in its diversity - a huge number of hardware are available, so it becomes difficult to choose the appropriate option. There are the following main types of hinges for entrance and interior doors:

  • Butt hinges - are the most common options, are very popular;
  • 3D concealed invisible hinges - the main characteristics are invisible and aesthetics;
  • Screw-in style lift-off hinge - these products are considered universal because they are designed for both left and right doors;
  • Spring action hinges - such hinges are designed for different places and are used on high frequency doors;
  • Weld-on hinges – used for metal doors.

Concealed hinges are getting more popular among the users: their main advantage is that such hinges are almost invisible, but at the same time they do an excellent job and securely fix the door leaf in the frame. Concealed hinges guarantee the mobility of the door - the door on invisible hinges can be open to 180 degrees. The mechanism of the concealed is rather complicated, but it is completely hidden in a special recess, so when you open the door it is absolutely not visible.

When choosing hinges for concealed installation, it is necessary to take into account the opening direction of the door: there are special hinges for left-handed or right-handed doors, as well as universal products. You should also pay attention to the weight of the door: hidden hinges are able to withstand the door, the weight of which does not exceed 60 kilograms.

3D concealed hinges are designed for rooms with a demanding and luxurious interior. This type of hinges looks very aesthetic and does not attract attention. The plating is available in several colors: Matt black, Bronze, Satin chrome, Gold, Satin nickel, Chrome. The most high-quality hinges of the hidden installation are produced by the brands AGB, Armadillo, Simonswerk - these devices will serve as long as possible (at least 250 000 opening / closing cycles).

3D concealed hinges are mortise devices, and their installation can be carried out independently, without the help of a specialist. You need to prepare the tools (pencil, ruler, chisel, hammer, screwdriver and drill), as well as carefully examine the installation template. Installation of concealed hinges includes the following steps:

  • Select the number of hinges for your particular door (e.g. for a light door enough two pcs of concealed hinges, for heavy doors you’ll need at least three or four pcs);
  • Mark the position of the hinge;
  • Attach the hinges at the installation position and draw out the contour;
  • Make small grooves for the hinges on the door leaf with a hammer and chisel;
  • Lift the door leaf and fix the hinges on the frame.

After the installation of the hidden hinges is completed, it is necessary to adjust them so that the door leaf moves as smoothly as possible, opens 180 degrees without interference and does not make any sounds.

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