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Flush barrel bolts

Flush barrel bolts

Flush barrel bolts
Usage and characteristics

Door stoppers are installed in order to prevent the collision of the door leaf and the wall surface when the door is opened. With the help of door stoppers, you can significantly increase the exploitation period of door and keep the wall in its original perfect condition and prevent scratches and cracks. Door stoppers are very small but also very significant door hardware piece.

There are several main types of door stoppers:

  • Floor mounted door stoppers
  • Wall mounted door stoppers
  • Flush barrel bolts (lever bolts)

Flush barrel bolts do an excellent job and are an indispensable for double doors. Flush barrel bolts securely fix the door leaf relative to the door frame and do not allow it to swing open. By its design, each flush barrel bolts resembles a door bolt: the main part of the hardware is a metal rod, which is located in the body at the end of the door leaf and extends from above or below into the door frame. The flush barrel bolt can be installed both at the top and bottom of the door leaf, it depends on the desire of the owners. The device is very compact, the flushing bolt range from 2 to 7 cm with the diameter of 8 mm.

The flush barrel bolt is used for installation in double doors. Using flush barrel bolts, you can minimize the risk of the damage to the door leaf and wall, prevent the sudden opening of the door due to drafts and wind, reduce injury risk and increase the exploitation period of the door. Flush barrel bolts are designed for wooden and plastic double doors, but not suitable for heavy metal doors.

The strong flush barrel bolts of Armadillo Brand are made if high-quality galvanized steel or zinc alloy: these materials are capable to provide wear resistance of hardware and long term uninterrupted operation. Flush barrel bolts are available in various colors (it will help you to choose the flush barrel bolt which will match with color of your door): gold, bronze and chrome.


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